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Sansevieria Snake Plant
from $16.00
ZZ Plant
from $24.00
from $28.00
Ficus Audrey
from $38.00
Bird of Paradise
from $28.00
Parlor Palm
from $22.00
Cactus, Assorted
from $32.00
Hoya Heart Plant
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Simple Pot
from $22.00
Rim Pot
from $28.00
Planet Pot
from $18.00
Bergs Cylinder Pot
from $28.00
Scallop Pot
from $18.00
Bergs Cylinder Pot Saucer
Castle Pot
from $28.00
Double Scallop Pot
from $28.00

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From Alocasias to ZZ Plants, we've got the widest – and rarest – varieties of houseplants for miles. In addition to our signature Plant Bug Spray, we stock organic plant care products, elegant pots & planters, and perfect gifts for the plant lovers in your life.

You might recognize us as NYC's Pop-Up Plant Shop or visited us at the High Line or on Mott Street. We're excited to have finally found a permanent home in the West Village and we can't wait to see you there.

Boxwood Green Beauty
from $39.98
Variegated English Boxwood
Boxwood Green Mountain
from $35.98
Emerald Green Arborvitae
from $38.98
Ice Dance Japanese Sedge
John Creech Stonecrop
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Crimson
Albion Strawberry
The Old Yew
Plant Food
Keep your plants looking healthy, green and lush with The Old Yew Plant Food, our liquid plant fertilizer concentrate made from organic, sustainably-harvested Maine seaweed.
The Old Yew
Bug Spray
Our Plant Bug Spray protects against common houseplant pests, plus it’s made with all-natural ingredients and is safe to use around children and pets.


The Old Yew Plant Shop