Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey
Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey

The less finnicky cousin to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Ficus Audrey makes for a gorgeous and easy-care indoor tree. Sporting a thick trunk and big, glossy green leaves, the Ficus Audrey is low maintenance and comes in a range of sizes to fit any space. 

Light: Bright indirect light is required

Water: Once every two weeks, when soil has dried


8" Standard – 18"-20" single trunk
10" Standard – 2.5-3ft single trunk
10" Column  4-5ft single trunk
12" Standard – 4ft single trunk
14" Standard – 5.5-6ft single trunk
14" Branched – 6-7ft single trunk with branching
17" Standard – 8ft
17" Specimen – 8-11ft
21" Standard – 10ft
24" Standard – 13ft

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