Mosquito Bits – Fungus Gnat Control

Mosquito Bits – Fungus Gnat Control

Mosquito Bits – Fungus Gnat Control

Introducing our powerful solution for effective fungus gnat control: Mosquito Bits. Say goodbye to those pesky little nuisances that invade your indoor plants.

Mosquito Bits are not just for mosquitoes – they're your secret weapon against fungus gnats too! These tiny, yet mighty bits are formulated with Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), a natural bacterium that targets the larvae of not only mosquitoes but also fungus gnats.

Simply sprinkle the Mosquito Bits over the soil of your potted plants, water as usual, and let the magic happen. The Bti gets to work, disrupting the life cycle of fungus gnats by preventing their larvae from developing into pesky adults. Watch as your plants thrive without the constant annoyance of these flying intruders.

Gentle on your plants and environment, Mosquito Bits specifically target the larvae of fungus gnats, ensuring the well-being of your beloved green companions. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your gardening journey, Mosquito Bits provide an easy and effective way to maintain a gnat-free haven for your plants.

Take control of your indoor garden's ecosystem with Mosquito Bits – your natural solution for fungus gnat management. Experience the joy of tending to your plants without the interruption of those unwanted guests. Add Mosquito Bits to your cart today and reclaim your plant paradise.

Comes in an 8oz bag.

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