Olive – Arbequina

Olive – Arbequina
Olive – Arbequina

Olive – Arbequina

We are so excited to offer fruiting olive trees!

These olive trees are roughly 30" tall and come in 4x9" liners, perfect for repotting into 9" pots or larger.

Arbequina Olive trees produce highly aromatic fruit that begins green and ripens into a brown color. This specific variety hails from Catalonia, Spain.

Olive trees make beautiful decorative & ornamental trees for indoor growing. Indoor olive trees love the sun so a south or southwest facing window would be ideal for providing adequate lighting. Windows facing other directions can work as long as there is enough sun exposure. You can also let it flourish outside for the summer. Although this specific olive variety is hardy down to 12 degrees, you should be sure to bring it inside once temperatures drop in the fall.

Arbequina olives are self-fruitful and do not require pollination.

Keep in mind that olive trees are drought tolerant and don't require a lot of water. Always check the soil for moisture prior to watering and only water once the soil is dry.

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